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Mizzou offers courses in dozens of subjects, so you have the flexibility to pursue your academic interests from the comfort of your own home and at your convenience. Learn more about Mizzou's distance course offerings, many of which are related to online degree programs.

Types of Distance Courses:

Self-paced 6-month max to finish courses

  • Are open for enrollment most of the year (subject to term deadlines)
  • Can potentially take as few as six weeks or up to six months to complete.
  • Students work independently and receive personalized instructor feedback.
  • Require proctored exams.
  • Can be used to boost cumulative GPA or to earn more hours and meet admission requirements for a degree program.
  • Can help students meet graduation requirements at their home college or university (upon approval from an institutional adviser that the University of Missouri credits will transfer).

Self-paced 16-week or 8-week session courses

  • Start and end with the regular MU 8- or 16-week semester.
  • Students work independently and receive personalized feedback.
  • Assignments generally instructor-evaluated.
  • Require proctored exams.
  • Most have checkpoint dates within the semester/session for completion of class work and exams.

Semester-based courses

  • Start and end with the regular MU 8- or 16-week semester.
  • Instructor-led courses have weekly assignments, classwork, quizzes and exams.
  • Typically require interaction with the instructor and class members via discussion board.
  • Students have flexibility to complete work within each week, as long as due dates are met.

Mizzou Online courses are developed and taught by the on-campus MU academic departments. As an online student, you complete a similar amount of work and receive the same credit as you would in on-campus courses. Your work is graded according to the same standards established for on-campus courses.