MU is committed to inclusion and access for all students. The MU Disability Center is the office responsible for ensuring access for students with disabilities. This is usually accomplished by facilitating reasonable accommodations which are designed to address barriers within courses, programs, activities and within the environment.

Students with disabilities who wish to request accommodations should start by applying for an Accommodation Plan through the Disability Center.

Note It is your responsibility to inform Mizzou Online of your need for academic accommodations. If you wish to use academic accommodations for your proctored exams, you must:

  1. Have a current Accommodation Plan established with the Disability Center. and
  2. Inform the exam room of your need for academic accommodations prior to scheduling your exam by providing a copy of the Accommodation Notification Letter for the course.

An Accommodation Notification Letter is required for each semester, and for each course where academic accommodations are to be used.

To find more information or to establish an Accommodation Plan, please visit the Disability Center