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Tuition and fees

approximate credit hours
tuition + fees per credit hour
estimated program cost

This estimate is for illustrative purposes only and is based on academic year 2019 information. It includes:

  • Standard Sinclair School of Nursing graduate tuition of $440.16 per credit hour, plus
  • Sinclair School of Nursing graduate course fee of $209.20 per credit hour for 20 clinical credit hours, plus
  • Information technology fee of $13.77 per credit hour.

It does not include application fee, textbooks or course materials. Additional fees may apply.

Your actual costs may differ, depending on your course choices. If you are a transfer student, for example, you may have fewer credit hours to complete. Also, course fees vary from department to department and from year to year.

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Financial aid

Graduate students may receive several types of financial aid, including loans, grants, scholarships, assistantships and fellowships.

3 out of 4 MU graduate students receive some form of financial aid. Financial aid is contingent upon eligibility.

Average financial aid package*

* In the 2015 academic year, 9,153 graduate students were enrolled at MU; 6,938 (75.8 percent) of them received a combined total of $140,889,924 in need-based and non-need-based financial aid.

The Student Financial Aid Office can provide further information and assist you with federal aid and upcoming scholarship deadlines.

Mizzou Online Military Tuition Award

Are you a veteran, active duty service member, Reservist, National Guardsman or the spouse or dependent of one and want to study online?

See if you’re eligible for the Mizzou Online Military Tuition Award.

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This program is administered by the Sinclair School of Nursing.

The University reserves the right to increase or decrease the fees charged for attendance and other services at the University when the Board of Curators considers it in the best interest of the University to do so. Any increase in fees must be approved by the Board of Curators not less than thirty (30) days prior to the beginning of the academic term (semester, etc.) to which these fees will be applied. Any change in fees will be effective irrespective of whether fees have or have not been paid by or on behalf of a student prior to the effective date of the modification. For more information on tuition and fees, visit the Office of Cashiers.