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Courses for this program are 100% online: no campus visits are required.

Some online courses are synchronous. This means class lectures occur at certain times of the day/week and require the student to attend via online collaborative tools. Please refer to for course availability and details — click on "Browse Course Catalog" or "Schedule of Classes" under Guest Access.

Successful completion of the program requires 30 credit hours. See the MU Catalog for more information about the courses in this program.

The courses you take will include:

  • MU general education requirements;
  • 66 credit hours of information technology course work;
  • 9 credit hours of related math courses;
  • 10 credit hours of science, with one lab required.

Dual enrollment high school students

You may enroll in a maximum of four dual enrollment courses, and are limited to 6 hours of course work during the fall/spring semesters and 3 hours during the summer. You must meet any course prerequisite(s) before enrollment will be processed.

Transfer students

The number of credits you need to take will depend on the type of previous credit earned and the institutions' accreditation and transfer equivalencies. The admissions office will determine your transfer credit once they receive your official transcripts and application. Visit the University of Missouri Course Equivalency site to determine credit equivalencies from courses taken at other Missouri institutions.

Undergraduate nondegree-seeking enrollment

Prior to acceptance into the program, you may enroll as a nondegree-seeking student in up to 12 credit hours. Enrollment does not guarantee acceptance. Learn more about nondegree-seeking university student admissions.

Course planner

The chart below shows when core courses are traditionally offered. Courses are 3 credit hours each, unless otherwise noted. The University reserves the right to change or cancel courses as needed.


The program culminates in a capstone experience in which students use the collective knowledge and competencies acquired in our courses to manage a semester-long industry-similar project. Students work in teams to develop new software, applications, security systems, video and audio projects or other industry-related systems. Students are required to present on the process, report regularly on their progress and to present their findings, successes and challenges at the end of the semester. Presentations are formal and mirror that of the business sector in information technology.

Course spotlight

INFOTC 1040: Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming

Instructor: Dale Musser

This course offers an introduction to programming concepts, providing experience in designing, developing, implementing and testing programs. Learn more about the problems that programming languages can solve, specifically Python and Python IDLE.

State authorization

States require that the University of Missouri-Columbia be authorized to deliver university-level distance/online education to their residents. Each state handles this process differently.

Please see our state authorization page for more information.

  • Program authorized


Students residing in all states are eligible to enroll in this program.

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This program is administered by the Department of Engineering and Information Technology