Health informatics

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Stethoscope and medical charts.

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Delivery of this program is blended; three weekend campus visits are required in both the spring and fall semesters. One campus visit is required during the summer semester.

Successful completion of the program requires 33 credit hours composed of 27 credit hours of core course work and 6 credit hours of an individual research project.

There are two prerequisites for the program: a college level statistics course and a college level algebra course.

You will proceed through the course work in tandem with your cohort, beginning in January and taking courses in the order outlined below.

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Each course is 3 credit hours, unless stated otherwise. The University reserves the right to change or cancel courses as needed.


In your final semester, you must pass an oral examination that enables the faculty to evaluate your competency in health informatics. You also will present your independent research project.

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States require that the University of Missouri-Columbia be authorized to deliver university-level distance/online education to their residents. Each state handles this process differently.

Please see our state authorization page for more information.

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Students residing in all states are eligible to enroll in this program.

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This program is administered by the Department of Health Management and Informatics