Faculty training | Zoom updates | Quality course review process

September 25, 2020

Faculty and instructor training

Several professional development opportunities are available for faculty and instructors of all types to hone their skills in online teaching and online course development.

The next cohort of the Online Teaching Certification course begins October 12. We encourage you to sign up today! Upcoming online teaching certification sessions are:

  • February 1 – March 15
  • February 22 – April 12
  • April 12 – May 24

Other workshops and seminars are available. If you are creating an online course, “Designing and Building Your Online Course” is the newest development opportunity and offers both instructional design support and research-based best practices for building your course. Mark your calendar for one of these future sessions:

  • February 2 – April 19
  • June 7 – August 16

Visit keeplearning.umsystem.edu for tips and best practices or teachingtools.umsystem.edu for tool-specific documentation and help.

Teaching tools - click to begin chat.

Zoom updates

  • Zoom recordings with Canvas and Panopto
  • Default security settings updates
  • New “self-assign” breakout room options

Zoom Cloud recordings are now copied to Panopto

Canvas now includes an automatic integration that connects your Zoom and Panopto accounts. This means your Zoom Cloud recordings will be copied directly into Panopto, which allows you to save them permanently. Zoom Cloud recordings will be deleted from Zoom after 120 days, and Panopto is the preferred method for storing and sharing videos within a Canvas course site.

To provide you with more control and flexibility over which videos you want to share with the students in your courses, Zoom recordings will now save to the Panopto Meeting Recordings folder (located inside My Folder). To share videos with your course, please follow our teaching tools tutorial.

Zoom recordings will now save to the Panopto Meeting Recordings folder.

Security settings

When scheduling a Zoom meeting, you will now see a new default option in the "only authenticated users can join" setting: University of Missouri System ONLY.

When scheduling a Zoom meeting, you will now see a new default option in the "only authenticated users can join" setting: University of Missouri System ONLY.

This setting ensures only UM-authenticated users can join your meeting. 

If you need to invite external guests, please select the Anybody who has a Zoom account option.

When using this option, please remind your meeting participants that they will need to sign in to their UM System Zoom account before they can join your meeting.

All Zoom meetings must have either the passcode, waiting room and/or authenticated users only settings enabled. Many users still have meetings on their account without security enabled. Users should always remember to sign in to their UM System Zoom account before they join any Zoom meetings.

Reminders from previous Zoom notices:

  • Delete Zoom recordings when you don’t need them.
  • Settings that will prevent participants from being recorded:
  • Do not select “Enable join before host” unless necessary.
  • Do not select “Automatically record meeting” unless you really need to.
  • Please also continue to adhere to video privacy and FERPA guidelines when recording Zoom sessions.
Upon clicking the breakout rooms button, the host will have the option to let Zoom assign automatically, assign manually or let participants choose their breakout room.

Quality course review process

All new courses that are intended for permanent online delivery must be reviewed through the Quality Course Review process before the course opens to students. Reviews are conducted by members of the University of Missouri System Faculty Peer Review Corps and University of Missouri System Office of eLearning Instructional Designers. These faculty members and instructional designers have extensive experience in online teaching methods, learning and course design and have been trained to review and assess online course designs to ensure they meet systemwide quality standards, especially the 5 Pillars of Effective Course Design. They will partner with faculty throughout the review process to help ensure adequate levels of student engagement as well as identify methods to make teaching and grading the content more manageable.

To request a review of your new online course, visit our request page.

The Office of eLearning is here to help you as you continue to teach in person, fully online and everything in between. Let us know what assistance you need.


Matthew Gunkel, Chief eLearning Officer