Troubleshooting SmarterProctoring password/access code issues

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toolbar from active SmarterProctoring sesssion with four options from left to right: 1. key icon for password injection, 2. Proctoring Session Active, 3. Stop Proctoring Session, 4. Show Support Chat
Figure 1: SmarterProctoring menu bar

If the password/access code is not automatically added to the access code field for the test:

  1. Manually clear the password field. Hightlight the dots that appear there and press backspace or delete.
  2. Click the blue Key icon in the SmarterProctoring bar at the top of the page (See Fig. 1).
  3. Select the option to Inject Password.
  4. If clicking that does not add the password, click on the yellow Show Support Chat button and open a chat session with one of the company's support reps. They are available 24/7, but may not be with you instantly. The chat will show your position in the queue.
    Note: The test timer has not started at this point, so the time waiting for and working with their rep will not count against it.
  5. Allow the SmarterProctoring rep to access your computer so they can enter the password for you.
  6. If this still fails, do not just close the window or the browser. Please click on the red Stop Proctoring Session button to properly close the session. Email with your name, the name of the test, the name of the class, and a description of what happened. Please copy your instructor on the email.