Jeffrey Jenkins II | MBA ’16

Jeffrey Jenkins, S&T, MBA ’16.

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"I wasn't sure about the whole distance education thing, but I quickly realized that the program was flexible and I could continue to work full time." 

Why did you choose Missouri S&T for your educational needs?
"I chose Missouri S&T because of the ERP certification and job placement."

What unique or distinguishing features do our distance programs offer?
"The ability to watch archived classes later, or I could watch classes live and participate in class."

What are the benefits of being able to complete your degree through distance education?
"The benefits of completing the degree through the distance program is I could work full time and be able to take my courses full time. Also, the professors for the most part were understanding and made being a distance student easy."

What was the highlight of your educational experience with Missouri S&T?
"The highlight of my educational experience was finishing my degree and seeing all my hard work pay off."

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