To complete online courses, you will need access to a computer with a modern web browser, a working internet connection, word processing software, and disk space to save your work. Your browser should support graphics, run JavaScript and accept cookies. Portions of the courses may require Adobe Flash Player.

Hand and keyboard

To ensure that your computer is set up and ready to begin your online course, it is recommended that you review the hardware and software requirements.

Hardware Suggestions

Software requirements


Course guidelines and materials are presented over the internet and require iframes and java capable browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher, Firefox, or Google Chrome. Other browsers and operating systems may work correctly with Canvas and e-Portfolios; however, we are unable to guarantee that all features will work correctly with other browsers or versions of these browsers. If you experience problems with your course you may need to experiment with different browsers.

Downloadable browsers and software updates

Virus protection

Quality virus-protection software is recommended. This software is especially critical if you are accessing course work from a computer on a network that is not protected by regularly updated virus-protection software.