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Beyond the Rankings

Find out about the student experience in top-ranked programs offered through Missouri Online.

David Helmerich | execMBA ’20, Mizzou

Since graduating, I have been able to pivot careers into a different industry and continue to grow with the tools Mizzou gave me. I am excited to come back for graduation, because — after receiving an...

Montgomery Hill | execMBA ’20, Mizzou

Since graduating in May 2020, I was able to secure a job in Columbia with Veterans United. The skills I learned throughout the execMBA program gave me the confidence I needed to step out during a...

Alexandria “Lexi” Grodie | DNP ’20, Mizzou

When searching for programs, I knew deep down I wanted to attend Mizzou. The prestige, the honor — it was such an amazing experience to be a part of Mizzou. I was a distance learner but that didn’t...