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Graduate certificate

Looking to encourage employee and team success? Discover innovative, ready-to-apply tactics rooted in scientific research through Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T) online graduate certificate in applied workplace psychology.

Ask yourself this: how does your workplace currently achieve its goals? For years, the message has been that motivation and direction come from the top. As well, such progress is said to hinge on engaged, diligent leaders who orchestrate strategies and delegate tasks among a team. 

Yet, more recently, a third factor has emerged — team dynamics and the role company culture plays in fostering employee growth, meeting objectives and nurturing potential. Industrial-organizational psychology emerged around the principle that analysis of job requirements, interpersonal relationships and the work environment can drive all to perform their best.

This four-course online graduate certificate program introduces professionals in business, human resources, consulting, psychology and other fields to core industrial-organizational psychology topics. Learn to enact change from within your own organization while simultaneously expanding your own credentials. 

Missouri S&T gears this program to individuals with at least one year of professional experience. Following completion, you can apply your credits toward a master of science in industrial-organizational psychology

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Graduate certificate in applied workplace psychology


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Graduate certificate

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College of Arts, Sciences, and Education | Department of Psychological Science

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Stay ahead in your career

Missouri S&T’s graduate certificate program in applied workplace psychology suits leadership, personnel-managing and hiring professionals eyeing the next stage of their career and interested in improving organizational operations. 

A more nuanced approach emphasizing advanced research methods helps you rethink how you recruit and train workers, oversee teams and build morale:

  • Understand how human behavior and thought influence workplace dynamics and culture and how to harness these patterns. 
  • Learn ways you can influence organizational change from within, transform attitudes and support employee performance.
  • Apply theories to real-world situations to motivate workers, increase productivity, make more sound hiring decisions, develop stronger training programs and establish work-life balance.
  • Step away from a siloed, departmental mindset to discover how organizational behavior, culture, design, management and leadership intersect and influence each other.
  • Build a more engaged, success-minded workforce by better understanding group dynamics and performance management and how they factor into recruitment, development and team efforts.
  • Refine your own consulting and management skills to not only encourage a more productive and positive culture but to help an organization exceed its benchmarks.
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Career prospects

The principles of industrial-organizational psychology have gradually transformed how companies structure their management, leadership, human resources and training and development departments. 

This graduate certificate broadens and enhances your own professional skill set, whether you direct teams or help an organization recruit and train its workforce. To remain competitive and stand out in today’s marketplace, this program proves to be an asset for:

  • Human resources professionals
  • Training and development professionals
  • Hiring, recruitment and personnel management professionals
  • Managers
  • Team leaders
  • Policy development professionals
Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Inc. 2022. Salary numbers and employment growth numbers are based on surveys and research conducted based on responses from professionals in the field with data analyzed from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and other sources.
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Program structure

The online graduate certificate in applied workplace psychology consists of four courses covering 12 credit hours. All courses are 100% online, and no on-campus visits are required.

As Missouri S&T designs this certificate program for working professionals interested in industrial-organizational psychology, the typical student takes two classes per semester to complete the sequence in one year.

Course work includes

This introduction to applied industrial-organizational psychology covers:

  • The most recent theoretical and applied research in advanced personnel and organizational psychology
  • Applying research-based theories to select, train, assess and motivate personnel and develop organizational leadership and culture
  • Methods for conducting psychological research in organizational settings
  • Small group dynamics, from structure and leadership to conflicts
  • Job performance analysis and management

Review the list of courses and descriptions for the online graduate certificate in applied workplace psychology.


100% online

Calendar system


Typical program length

1 year

Typical course load

2 classes each semester

Pathway to a master's

Missouri S&T’s online graduate certificate in applied workplace psychology provides a taste of how industrial-organizational psychology can influence company culture, leadership and personnel management.

If you want to go a step further to broaden your knowledge of this growing field, consider applying to Missouri S&T’s master of science in industrial-organizational psychology. You’ve demonstrated your knack for this subject matter, and now you have the opportunity to transfer your certificate’s credits toward a master’s degree.

How does this work? Missouri S&T has designed the certificate program as a gateway to a corresponding master’s degree:

  • If the certificate is earned with a 3.0 GPA, GRE/GMAT scores are not required, making this approach ideal for working professionals interested in getting ahead.
  • After you apply and are accepted, the 12 credit hours from your certificate count toward the master’s degree and help to fulfill certain admissions requirements.

Understand that completing the graduate certificate does not automatically guarantee admission to the master’s in industrial-organizational psychology. You must complete your application first. If you are applying to a relevant PhD program, you are still required to submit GRE/GMAT scores.


Missouri University of Science and Technology is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, one of six regional institutional accreditors in the United States.

Faculty spotlight

Dr. Clair Kueny headshot

Dr. Clair Reynolds Kueny is program director of the master of science in industrial-organizational psychology program and associate professor at Missouri University of Science and Technology. She earned a master's and Ph.D. in industrial-organizational psychology with a concentration in quantitative methods in behavioral science from Saint Louis University. Dr. Kueny's research interests include employee discretionary behaviors, including initiative, citizenship behaviors and counterproductive work behaviors, and the unintended consequences of these behaviors. She has over seven years of experience designing and teaching courses for all modalities. She has received two teaching grants to support her development of the online modality curriculum for the program.

Clair Reynolds Kueny
Department Chair Psychological Science, Program Director Industrial-Organizational Psychology Programs, Associate Professor
Vahe Permzadian, PhD headshot

Vahe Permzadian is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychological Science at Missouri University of Science and Technology. Dr. Permzadian earned a Ph.D. in industrial-organizational psychology at the State University of New York at Albany. His primary areas of research are the domains of organizational socialization, work motivation and the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Vahe Permzadian, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychological Science
Ting Shen, PhD

Ting Shen is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychological Science at Missouri University of Science and Technology. Dr. Shen earned a Ph.D. in measurement and quantitative methods and a master’s in applied statistics from Michigan State University. Her research interests focus on quantitative research methods and their applications in social sciences, especially in education and psychology. She received a fellowship award from the American Educational Research Association on the Study of Deeper Learning and the Dr. Eugene Owen Scholarship. She teaches advanced research methods, psychometrics and statistics in-person, online and in hybrid environments.

Ting Shen, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychological Science

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